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Lordship Farm Primary School

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Safeguarding at Lordship Farm Primary School is given the highest priority.  All adults in our school have a responsibility for Safeguarding.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Julie Petitt, who has completed Level 2 Safeguarding Training.

All staff (teachers, teaching assistants, midday assistants, admin staff and the caretaker) undertake the statutory Basic Awareness of Safeguarding Training (Level 1) training every three years.

All staff receive an annual update on Safeguarding matters and issues around Safeguarding are regularly discussed in staff meetings.

The named Governor for Safeguarding is Mr Terry Hone.

All staff recruitment panels include at least one person who has completed 'Safer Recruitment in Education' training.

All visitors in school are required to wear a yellow visitor’s badge and to read and acknowledge the ‘Safeguarding Notice for Visitors’ before entering the school.

All staff, governors and volunteers undertake a DBS check and are required to provide two references. Staff DBS details are kept in the Single Central Record in school.

Key Safeguarding policies form a central part of the Staff Induction process, and staff are required to review their understanding of these policies annually. 

These policies are available in the School Office, in each classroom and on the school’s website.

We believe that it is important to make children and young people aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable and our PSHE and SEAL curriculum supports children in recognising when their personal safety is being compromised. The school also signposts access to support for pupils, by displaying Childline posters and contact telephone number.

Children are encouraged to express and discuss their ideas, thoughts and feelings through a variety of activities and have access to a range of cultural opportunities which promote respect and empathy for others.  As part of the Prevent duty under s.26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 we are aware of the importance of building pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling them to challenge extremist views.  We build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by providing a safe environment for debating controversial issues and helping children and young people understand how they can influence and participate in decision making.

All teachers, teaching assistants, midday assistants and admin staff have received training and annual updates to ensure they respond appropriately to suspected radicalisation.

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