Lordship Farm Primary School

Lordship Farm Primary School

Lordship Farm Primary School

Life at Lordship Farm Primary School Life at Lordship Farm Primary School Life at Lordship Farm Primary School Life at Lordship Farm Primary School Life at Lordship Farm Primary School


Whole School Letter


Absence Request PDF

Absence Request Word Version

Jewellery Letter

Infant Milk Scheme Letter

Snow Letter

Non Negotiables Booklet

Anti-Bullying Letter

Behaviour Strategy Letter

Sanctions Ladder

Transition questionnaire feedback 2019

School Grid Letter to Parents

School Grid HCL Parent Information

School Menu - 2nd November 2020

Anti-Bullying Week

Music Lessons Registration and Booking Information September 2021


Nursery Letters 

Welcome Nursery Newsletter 18th September 2020

Nursery Newsletter 25th September 2020

Nursery Newsletter 2nd October 2020

Nursery Newsletter 9th October 2020

Nursery Newsletter 23rd October 2020

Ready Readers Workshop PowerPoint presentation 23rd October 2020

Half Term Home Learning October 2020

Reading Folders letter 23rd October 2020

Nursery Newsletter 6th November 2020

Nursery Newsletter including important dates 13th November 2020

Nursery Newsletter 20th November 2020

Nursery Newsletter 27th November 2020

Nursery Newsletter 4th December 2020

Nursery Newsletter 11th December 2020

Our Story of the Week is Whatever Next! Please find the link here

EYFS Feelings Activity

Chinese New Year Story - please find the link here

Nursery Newsletter 12th March 2021

Nursery Newsletter 23rd April 2021

Nursery Newsletter 30th April 2021

Nursery Newsletter 7th May 2021

Nursery Newsletter 14th May 2021

Nursery Newsletter 21st May 2021


Ash Class Letters 


Ash Class Recommended Reads

Beech Class Letters


Beech Class Recommended Reads

Reading Stars

Chestnut Class Letters  


Chestnut Class Recommended Reads

Fire of London Letter 23rd October 2020

Reading Stars


Maple Class Letters          


Maple Class Recommended Reads

Maths Sheet - Ordering Numbers (1)

Maths Sheet - Ordering Numbers  (2)

Maths Sheet - Mental Addition 

Maths Sheet - Mental Subtraction 

Maths Sheet - Inverse

Maths Sheet - Mental addition

Maths Sheet - Written Subtraction

Maths Sheet - Written Subtraction (2)

Maths Sheet - Word Problems

Maths Sheet - Statistics

Maple Class - non-uniform day

Maths Sheet - Perimeters

Maths Sheet - Division with arrays

Year 3 After-school Rounders Club

Wymondley Wood Trip

Maths Year 3 Multiplication and Division

Maths Year 3 - Multiplication and Division word problems

Maths Year 3 - Fractions

Maths Sheet  - Division Sharing and Grouping

Maths Sheet - Dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers by ones

Maths Sheet - Multiplication, Division and Fractions word problems


Oak Class Letters          


Oak Class Recommended Reads

Year 4 After-school Rounders Club

Year 4 Swimming Lessons

Sycamore Class Letters               


Sycamore Class Recommended Reads

Roman Day 

Year 5 After-school Rounders Club

Year 5 After-school Cricket Club


Willow Class Letters         


Willow Class Recommended Reads

Year 6 After-School Cricket Club

Year 6 After-School Rounders Club

Go Ape Trip


Club Letters